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Coding has come far over the past 10 years. From being seen as an occupation socially inept people with thick-rimmed glasses had to it being introduced to the UK curriculum, coding is here to stay. Although a little bit late the world is reacting to coding’s impact. Google is holding coding classes during the summer for children aged between 5-12 and a BBC micro: bit the reinvention of the classic BBC Micro in a handheld form is being given free to every child aged 11 and 12. The idea is to “inspire digital creativity“.


However if you’re reading this chances are you’re too late to benefit from these new schemes, but it’s not too late to learn. The NY Times reported on a number of people working in mid-level jobs who decided to enter themselves onto coding courses to discover a whole new industry of potential. Almost all of the individuals featured in the article post-coding course landed jobs with salaries of more than doubled their previous. While this is obviously a minority of successful individuals that benefit from skills and experience other than just coding it still illustrates the potential of learning code.

If you’re looking to start coding, there are routes you can go down. If you’re looking for a career change and looking for an intense course there are a number of courses in the UK (all featured at the end of this post), but, unfortunately, they do cost. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option Treehouse offer an online service for around £30 a month. Personally I want to learn to code slowly and for free if possible. I don’t want to change jobs, but if like me you’re interesting in coding and think it can be helpful for your future career sites like Codecademy can be really helpful. More recently app-based service Lrn offers iPhone users to learn code on the go and without the need for internet connection. See our extensive list of courses online, IRL, and apps that can help you become a coding master in no time. Unless otherwise stated the following courses all cost, but we will feature free online courses also.

Full-Time Courses

Makers Academy


General Assembly (Part-time courses available)


Decoded (Day courses available)

Online Courses


Code School


Khan Academy (Free!)

edX (Free!)

Codecademy (Free!)


Lrn (Only on iPhone at the moment)


Codea (Only on iPhone)


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