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Keep Updates Short

Keep your own preferences in mind when posting. Do you like seeing chunks of text or short and easily digested information? We’re sure it’s the latter so ensure your followers can read your message quickly. A handy rule of thumb: if you need to click “See More” on the LinkedIn post to reveal the text, you’ve written too much. Also, short updates allow you to push a bit more content out too, meaning your name and message are more likely to be seen.

Maintain a Strong Aesthetic

I have a problem with an inconsistent visual theme on a company’s LinkedIn page. This is the small, cherry-on-top elements of the page like ensuring you’re either keep the written URL in the post or having a meta description.While small it will strengthen your brand’s online presence

and visual identity. In addition images on your posts/updates are essential; take it from us first hand that using visuals increase engagement.

linkedin page

Write AND Share Content

This is one we often forget. We’re sure you’re aware of the power of written content, but sometimes share the content of small relevant companies too. Build your network and you’ll increase the chance of companies sharing your content.

Give Sponsored Updates a Go

Once you’ve got a small following try experimenting with paid updates. You don’t even need a big budget. Depending on the specifications like location or job title of individuals you want to target, sponsored updates can cost as low as £3 on a Pay Per Click basis. You’re likely to get a bit more engagement potentially followers. Once you’ve done a few sponsored updated ensure you continue to post regularly otherwise it’s would of all been a waste of money.

Check your Analytics

Once you’ve done all the above tips check how your customers are responding to it! If it appears engagement is low then reconsider your imagery, content, and even tone of voice. Remember the online landscape is forever changing so don’t expect results straight away, particularly without repositioning a few things. Once you get into the hang of it you’ll know what works for your brand.

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