How To Use Social Media During Your Job Search
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We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to applying for jobs. If you’re having no luck applying for multiple roles, you might need to refine your approach.

Using social media can help augment your search and build your personal brand so there’s no excuse for not using it! We’ve listed some of our favourite uses of social media to help you get started on finding your perfect job.

1. Google Yourself

Find out what the internet is saying about you, you’ll be surprised! KFC Wednesday offer Chances are potential employers are going to check your online presence,

so once you’ve seen your online footprint you may want to delete certain things. You might even find an embarrassing Facebook comment you posted 5 years ago pop up!

2. Choose a tone of voice

The industry you wish to work in will decide this. A social media assistant will obviously require a different tone to a senior data architect so try selected three words that best describe your desired tone of voice, for example funny, informative and casual. The Guardian reminds you to “see yourself as an editor of your own suite of magazines”, find what tone works with what medium and run with it.

3. Create and Share Content

If you want to be seen by potential employers then creating industry relevant content is vital. If you have skills in a niche field use your knowledge to create an infographic or blog post. When you’re not creating content, share pieces from others in your industry. Content gives you the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, share ideas, and curate a positive online footprint.

4. Follow and Use Hashtags

Recruiters use hashtags on Twitter to advertise jobsBlackmart Apk Download
and expand their reach. Make sure their messages don’t go unseen, particularly the ones about fantastic job opportunities. The same goes for your tweeting. Tell people you’re looking for looking for work and use hashtags to expand your reach so recruiters can find your profile.

5. Find Information about the Hiring Manager

Use LinkedIn to find out more about the hiring manager then tailor your CV to what they’re looking for. Even if it’s just replicating buzzwords, speaking in a similar manner will help you connect with the hiring manager.

6. Be Consistent

Don’t expect to reap rewards straight after starting up a Twitter account, it’ll take time so consistency is key. Build your network and use social media as a two-way communication, not a megaphone. Even if you’re a passive candidate start establishing your online profiles, you’ll thank yourself later.

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