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After years of being considered spam, email newsletters are finally getting their spot in the content market. With the help of services like MailChimp, newsletter popularity is increasing rapidly but with a saturated market what do you subscribe to? Just a quick note before we start: I suggest you head over to It’s a free service that allows you to unsubscribe from pesky email lists and subscriptions you don’t want any more. By doing this, you can focus your attention on these great newsletters.

Netted is a daily newsletter delivering a website, app, or service that the Webby Awards collective “deem worthwhile, indispensable, or even life changing”. It’s a bold claim particularly for a daily newsletter but after a week, I had found a good handful of online tools. Notable recommendations have been Try: a service that allows you to order clothes online and try them without any money leaving your account, and audioBoom: a free audio streaming platform for podcasts with great features. Along with life hacks, gaming, and lifestyle tips we guarantee you’ll find an invaluable tool.

Other Valleys

Sometimes we can get caught up with the bigwigs of Silicon Valley, after all they are making meat-free burgers that bleed. But occasionally it’s nice to see what the rest of the tech world are up to. Here’s where Other Valleys comes in. Creator Anjali Ramachandran talks about new companies, industry challenges, and spotlights new projects of interest. See their archive here, and sign up here.

Inside Big Data

Based in the US, this data-focused newsletter is invaluable for any IT professional interested in the latest developments in machine learning, big data and business intelligence. The site is run by Rich Bruecker – you might recognise the name as he has been picked out in recent years by Forbes as one of their Top 20 Big Data Influencers.

SaaS Weekly

SaaS share topical, curated links for anyone interested in SaaS businesses. Neatly categorised into business, product, marketing, sales, growth and a closing tip of the week, there is something for everyone.

Software Development

We’re going to consider the following newsletters as one due to their category. The newsletters are generally weekly round-ups of interesting news and articles on the web.

Ruby Weekly
Python Weekly
Node Weekly
PHP Weekly
Javascript Weekly
HTML5 Weekly
WordPress Weekly
iOS Dev Weekly
Android Weekly
Software Lead Weekly


This one is for data science and visualisation techies. Quantifire claims, “It features all things data for fledgling and experience data science or those who are interested in leveraging data for their endeavours”.


If you didn’t guess it from the name #awesomewomen is a female-centric weekly newsletter with curated links to thought provoking articles and resources. While not exclusive to the tech industry it does link to articles concerning women in the business landscape. The newsletter is neatly broken down into four sections: an update from creator Stacy-Marie Ishmael, then Engage, Learn, and Connect. It’s concise, informal, and a brilliant Sunday afternoon read. Check out their archive here, and subscribe here.

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