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The rise of YouTube has been undeniable, particular for tech and gaming content. At the top of Top 100 YouTubers list is PewDiePie who if you don’t know is a gaming YouTuber who is the first to hit 10 billion views (there are 7 billion people on earth). While tech and gaming YouTubers like PewDiePie gain more followers each day, there is a selection of great content makers that go more unnoticed than the YouTube celebs. We wanted to shine a light on some of those YouTubers and help you waste hours of your time watching great videos.

1. Nixie Pixel

Nixie focuses on “open source alternatives to operating systems and gaming”. She’s down to earth which makes for easy viewing and her content isn’t too tech-heavy so non-techies can enjoy it too. While most of her content features Linux-based discussion she also creates Android hack, comparison and previews app videos also. After taking a short hiatus, Nixie is back to creating a video each week (usually posted on a Thursday).

 2. JimsReviewRoom

JimsReviewRoom helps you make better purchase decisions. Reviewing audio, health, and tablets tech Jim’s videos are of high quality both in aesthetics and content; in fact we’re surprised he only has around 80,000 subscribers.

3. Tinkernut

Tinkernut has three categories of videos: Discover, Labs, and Comment Shows. Discover usually answers questions like Could You Make Your Own Internet? and Why Does My Wi-Fi Suck? while Labs features DIY/hack videos that include making your own wireless lamp to creating a virtual server. The Comment Show is more of an offhand Q&A but nonetheless is still entertaining.

4. Shots of Awe

Shots of Awe is a mix of philosophy and technology condensed into a video usually 3 minutes or less, hence the shot. The awe comes from the insightful and interesting ideas Jason discusses. Jason talks with such passion that even topics that you may not find interesting on the surface become exciting debates.

5. DailyTekk

DailyTekk is an all round tech channel featuring reviews, lists, and comparisons. According to DailyTekk their videos are less newsy and more about lifestyle. With frequently uploaded videos, there is enough content to pick and choose when is relevant to you.

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