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Serial, arguably the most important podcast of recent time ignited the interest in alternative audio and brought podcasts to the mainstream. No longer recorded on iPhones in living rooms, podcasts are carving their place in the entertainment market as a glossy medium with serious potential. Spotify is even taking note by incorporating podcasts into their streaming service, although currently only available on iPhone. Podcasts have provided me with endless amounts of obscure knowledge and anecdotes to share at parties (see Love + Radio‘s podcast). They’ve also provided me with very useful knowledge too, so if you’re looking for an alternative to music when you’re on your travels then check out some of these tech specialist podcasts.

1. Talking Machines

Hosting by Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams (not to be mistaken for indie rocker Ryan Adams). Talking Machine’s has been around for about 7 months now. On average the episodes are 35 minutes long and discuss Machine Learning, how it operates in different sectors and its impact. The podcast is usually split into two parts: Ryan introduces and discusses a new concept then a guest discusses a specialist topic. The podcasts are a perfect length and ideas are introduced and explained in an efficient manner, perfect for binge listening. You can stream it on Soundcloud and iTunes (among others) where new episodes are uploaded every other week on a Thursday.

2. This Developer’s Life

Working with a similar blueprint to This American Life, This Developer’s Life is an anecdotal based podcast that doesn’t feature any tech jargon so non-techies can enjoy it too. The podcasts aren’t frequent, in fact only two episodes got released in 2013 and they’ve had a hiatus until a couple months ago, but they are worth the wait. Littered with great music the podcast does what it says on the tin: delving into the lives of developers. The podcasts brings emotional context to the world of developing so they’re palatable for developers and non-developers alike. You can subscribe on iTunes or subscribe to their RSS Feed.

3. Partially Derivative

Every week Chirs Albon and Jonathon Morgan talk about data science and beer. The rapport between Chris and Jonathon is probably the best thing about this podcast; they’re engaging and funny which means laypeople and techies can listen to this. They usually review tech news but more recently they look at the ways data has changed how we understand and experience the world with their most recent topic being The Data of Love and Sex. Their Soundcloud isn’t updated with their latest episodes so it’s best to subscribe to them on iTunes or Stitcher.


You might know WIRED but did you know they have a podcast? The 45-minute podcasts discuss popular tech news that sometimes air on the side of novelty (can certain cutlery make food taste better?). Nevertheless, the podcast is an easy listen. You can dip in & out during the episode without fear of loosing what’s going on. Check out their website for the audio.

5.This Agile Life

Unlike WIRED this hour-long podcast (on average) is not for amateurs. This Agile Life is dedicated to Agile and lean software development so expect specialist topics and concepts that aren’t going to be explained. That being said even as someone with no knowledge of Agile the rapport between members keep the podcast entertaining and light-hearted. Ideas are bounced back-and-forth between the 7 members which makes for a fast-paced insight into the real world of Agile. The podcast is available on iTunes, various Android Apps, and RSS.

Honourable Mentions

Developer Tea – Described as “A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break”

Clockwise – Featuring four people discussing four tech topics each week. It’s no longer than 30 minutes so expect quick fire discussions.

Analog(ue) –  A show about how devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.

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