4 Ways Multitasking Kills Productivity For IT Professionals
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Most IT professionals believe, on some level, that multitasking is an effective way to complete more tasks in less time. And why not? IT work requires a handful of skills, ranging from technical to social  downloading BlueStacks Offline Installer. It would seem, then, that multitasking is key to being productive.

Recent research on multitasking suggests otherwise. Studies have repeatedly shown that multitasking at work results in poor focus, short-term memory loss, stress, and anxiety. It negatively affects   Download PPSSPP Games the quality of your work, your efficiency, and makes you less competent at every task.

Sending out emails while preparing presentation documents, programming and watching YouTube videos, and texting while in a team meeting –  are some classic examples of multitasking at the workplace. None of them are good. Let’s look at why multitasking actually hurts productivity, and why selective focus on just one task is good for your career.

Why Multitasking Hurts Productivity


1. Total Loss of Concentration

Have you just got introduced to a new employee and forgot his/her name instantly? Well, that’s because your mind is distracted and it’s unable to remember information. This is one of the commonest problems among multitaskers.

It not only affects your concentration but also your personal relationships. By handling multiple tasks at a time, you are unable to pay attention to one task or person (it could be your co-workers, customers, friends, or family). You are chasing two rabbits and catching none!

2. More Tasks Result In More Mistakes

When you have your finger in too many pies at a time, your mind never really sits in one place. There is going to be a bit of overlapping and some incomplete output – and you’re only half-right. Your mistakes are going to increase and when mistakes increase, most people try to cheat to escape the situation. Do you think it’s okay to make more mistakes and face consequences just because you are multitasking?



3. Multitasking Inhibits Your Creativity

Sometimes by multitasking, you might be able to get the curve up a bit on your productivity graph. But dividing your focus and attention among multiple tasks restricts your working memory (located on the frontal lobe of your brain) from coming out with creative ideas that are truly superior to what you deliver when multitasking. Do you wish to sacrifice your potential and remain an unremarkable employee? Of course not.

4. Multitasking Creates Stress and Anxiety

A recent study shows that multitasking directly causes stress and anxiety. It’s common that whenever you have too much on your plate, stress and anxiety are bound to strike you.

Whether it is the pressure to get more work done in less time or constant interruptions from your boss, your heartbeat rate is going to shoot up, and that would, in turn, lead to stress and anxiety.

The effects can be brutal, ranging from mental to physical, with no good to you or your career. Do you wish to risk your career and health? We’ll leave the choice over to you.

To Conclude

So, what’s multitasking again? It’s the process of doing (trying to do) more tasks simultaneously, but achieving perfection in none.

Listen, processing multiple tasks is for the computers and electronic devices, and not for humans. Instead of adding more balls in your juggling act, take your workplace challenges one at a time. You will be able to deliver far superior results with more focus and creativity by single-tasking.

No matter how demanding your work is, never let your health and career get affected by this impossible thing called multitasking. From my personal experience, when you stick to one task at a time – and when you do it right – you are going to have your day in the Sun. Good luck!


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